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  • Duke orthopaedics presents wheeless' textbook of orthopaedics site map search site by word home advertising info editorial board contact us my account chordoma - discussion:     - rare, slow growing tumor arising from remnants of the notochord in axial skeleton of middle aged adults;     - most occur in midline at base of skull and in the sacrococcygeal area (it is the most common primary bone tumor of the sacrum);     - classically a slow growing lytic, anterior scaral (50%), or cervical lesion in 35%;     - these tumors may present w/ intra-abdominal complaints & presacral mass; - diff dx:     - a midline mass in terminal end of sacrum may represent a chordoma;     - lytic destructive lesion of sacrum may represent a gct, but these usually involve younger pts and are eccentric in upper segments;     - in females, always consider cervical cancer; - treatment:     - complete surgical resection is required (not radiosensitive)     - surgical excision can include upto half of sacral roots (ie all roots on one side) and still maintain bowel and bladder function;     - recurrence rate is high, but aggressive attempts at surgical excision are indicated;     - while cure is rare, patients typically survive 10-15 yrs following dx ten most common bone and joint tumors--symposium: chordomas. generic viagra without prescriptions Operative treatment of sacrococcygeal chordoma.  a review of twenty-one cases. bayer viagra dosage Chordoma: a critical review of diagnosis and treatment. viagra pills Original text by clifford r. viagra dosages recommendation Wheeless, iii, md. viagra without prescription Last updated by data trace staff on saturday, june 23, 2012 3:39 pm e-mail alerts patient information product information advertisements   © 2011 data trace internet publishing, llc all rights reserved. viagra generic  . order viagra online Rapy for cervical thoracic and lumbar chordomas and chondrosarcomas 321 radiation therapy for chordoma and chondrosarcoma of the lower spine and sacrum 327 permanent 1125 implants for recurrent chordomas and chondrosarcomas of the skull base and upper cervical spine 332 special considerations 339 chordomas and chondrosarcomas in children 341 recurrent skull base chordomas role of surgery 345 chemotherapy of recurrent or metastatic disease 354 index 359 copyright less other editions - view all chordomas and chondrosarcomas of the skull base and spine griffith r. generic viagra without prescriptions Harsh limited preview - 2003 chordomas and chondrosarcomas of the skull base and spine robert e. viagra samples Ojemann snippet view - 2003 common terms and phrases anatomic anteriorly axial bloc resection brainstem canal cancer cavernous sinus cells cervical spine chordomas and chondrosarcomas clinical clinoid clivus computed tomography condyle cranial base cranial chordomas cranial fossa cranial nerves craniotomy diagnosis dissection dose dura dural ethmoid eurosurg exposed exposure extended extradural facial figure foramen ma. order viagra Quiénes somos
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