To be painful. Start to do gentle movements as soon as possible to prevent stiffness in your shoulder. Ice packs, or a bag of frozen peas, wrapped in a towel and applied to your shoulder for a maximum of 10 minutes at any one time can help to reduce inflammation. buy viagra without prescription You shouldn't apply ice directly to your skin as this can damage your skin - place a cloth between the ice and skin. Don't put ice on your left shoulder if you suffer any known heart problems. Stretches and strengthening exercises can help build up strength and flexibility in your shoulder. It's important to get advice from a medical professional, such as a physiotherapist, on which exercises and stretches you should do and how to do them correctly. viagra canada The exercises will be tailored to your specific injury. viagra online without prescription Take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine, such as ibuprofen, to reduce pain and inflammation. Always read the patient information leaflet that comes with the medicine. buy generic viagra Non-surgical treatments a chartered physiotherapist can assess the movement patterns of your shoulder and can measure weakness or tightness in certain muscle groups. buy viagra usa Your physiotherapist will discuss with you which treatment technique he or she will use for your individual circumstances and may give you some exercises to do at home. can you take 10mg viagra daily For some people, the doctor may recommend an injection of a steroid called corticosteroid, but this is usually only done when other treatments have been tried but haven't helped. buy viagra Surgical treatments rotator cuff injuries can usually be successfully treated through non-surgical treatments. viagra genuine no prescription However, some may need to be repaired by surgery, for example to repair a tear in your rotator cuff or to remove calcium deposits. can you take 10mg viagra daily The surgery may be done as open surgery or you may have an athroscopy in which a narrow, flexible, tube-like telescopic camera called an arthroscope is inserted through a small incision in your shoulder (commonly known as keyhole surgery). Prevention to prevent rotator cuff injuries, make sure you: have the correct technique when playing sports or doing activities th. generic viagra 50mg uk