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  • Treated at christies and they are scanning me every 3 months for the first three years and every four months for the last two years so at least i'm being watched! Are you on any drug or have you had any other treatmenrt? Which hospital do you attend? Viagra vs. viagra forums Report this message loulou 110 posts since 30-sep-2010 currently being moderated 19. buy cheap viagra 16-jun-2011 22:07 in response to: acchelpneeded re: adrenal cancer hi, not sure if i can be of much hlep but would lke you to know that i'm thinking of you and your dad. Have the talked about radio as an option? Just suggesting this because they said to me that if it comes back, and they don't even know of it's there, they would do surgery, radio or  liquid chemo. I'm on mitotane and also on cortisone and very often i find i get confused. viagra without a doctor prescription The combination of the two drug will have big side effects and i've found that it took some time for the drugs to settle down, for example, when i first started my treatment i came out in a huge rash. This has now gone as my body has adjusted to the levels it's being given. I'm not sue what youv'e been told but keep asking questions. Hope things settle down for your dad love to you both loulou xx report this message dyinglight 35 posts since 16-jun-2011 currently being moderated 20. viagra like products for women 19-jun-2011 22:45 in response to: loulou re: adrenal cancer hi there, i have a tumour (approx 12cm) on my adrenal. generic viagra without presciption usa Originaly i had aesophigal cancer which was removed by surgery. viagra side effects for young men Susequently i was given the all clear but two weeks later a scan showed that it had returned in my spine with a tumour on the adrenal. buy viagra I went through a drug trial which seems to have slowed the spinal tumour (the technical term is 'indolent' i think). order viagra online usa Subsequent radiotherapy reduced the adrenal from 13cm to about 11. viagra like products for women There doesn't seem to be any more that can be done at this point as it is secondary cancer. viagra like products for women The spinal tumour cannot. viagra 10mg rezeptfrei Be operated on anyway. buy cheap viagra   a warning- the adrenal tumour or the radiotherapy (no one can tell which) stopped the adrenal producing cortesone. As a result of this i have to take hydrocortezone.   i know that side effects can affect different people in different ways but having checked the medical information depression is a common one for this steroid. female viagra generic name There are other side effects but i had serious problems with the depression because i thought it was me! Cheap viagra canada online I thought that i could warn you against this as you mentioned that you had been crying. buy viagra online usa It could be the steroid making you unhappy which you don't really need on top of the misery cancer brings.   unfortunately there is no alternative drug to hydrocortizone but if you are warned of the side effects you can, at least, stop them affecting those around you. uk viagra prescription   hope this helps. Good luck. Coupons for viagra 20 mg Report this message dyinglight 35 posts since 16-jun-2011 currently being moderated 21. 20-jun-2011 19:08 in response to: acchelpneeded re: adrenal cancer hi there. viagra tadalafil india Sorry to hear about your dad's condition. I have been prescribed various steroids over the past cou. Localización
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